Top 11 Shampoo Brands In India

Hair is one of the essential parts of our body that makes us look attractive. Taking care of hair is also very important if you want them to stay healthy and strong throughout your life. It is easy than one thinks it to be.

Taking excellent care of your hair is not any rocket science. All you need is a good shampoo and a healthy nourishing conditioner that will keep your hair right. To make it more simple for you, here are the top eleven best shampoos that you can use to maintain your long health and strong hair including it to your hair care routine.

1. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris shampoo

Whether you would like to repair your hair strands from excessive damage or infuse essential oils which get stripped off thanks to the wrath of environmental radicals, the versatile shampoo brand of L’Oréal Paris can function your ultimate ally. You’ll see noticeable changes within the quality of your hair strands from the very first time of usage in terms of luminous shine, supreme softness and optimum moisturisation. The price range of this shampoo is Rs.60 to Rs.675. This shampoo is best for daily care, deep conditioning, Damage repair, Hair Volumizing, Spilt ends, Anti-dandruff, colour protection, Dryness care, Nourishment And Moisturisation etc.

2. Dove

Dove shampoo

You can now get healthy looking hairs you had always wished to possess with the gentle shampoo brand of Dove. The nourishing formula of dove is capable of infusing life into your damaged and dull stands and can make them strong from the core. Keratin Actives forms a crucial a part of the Dove shampoos and helps in fighting all signs of surface damage to go away you with more beautiful and healthier-looking hair. This shampoo is available in a price range of Rs.62 to Rs.3116. You can buy this online from different shopping sites. It helps you in Volumizing your hair, scalp cleansing, prevents dryness, nourishes and moisturises your hair, etc.

3. TRESemme

TRESemme shampoo

Your look for healthy and lovely hair ends with the professional shampoo brand of TRESemme which may assist you to get salon smooth hair without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you would like to regulate frizz, add volume, keep your strands clean or just define those curls, the versatile products of TRESemme can assist you with an equivalent. TRESemme is one of the recognised brand today in the market because it works very well with all types of hair. The price range for its product is Rs.63 to Rs.5304. Order online and use it at regular intervals to get exceptional results.

4. Pantene

Pantene shampoo

It gets super easy to spice up your hair care regimen with this affordable shampoo brand which guarantees thicker and stronger locks within 14 days of its consistent usage.

If your hair is getting frizzy and damaged due to the pollution, dirt and dust Pantene is the saviour for you. Get their product at Rs.57 to Rs.849 and add it to your daily regime. Along with the shampoo it is also advised to use conditioner for better results.

5. Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders shampoo

Dandruff is one among the most common problems plaguing modern-day millennials. you’ll easily cater to the present problem with the versatile shampoo brand of Head & Shoulders which may hike up your confidence meter with those lustrous locks. Zinc pyrithione forms an important component of the Head & Shoulders shampoos which prevents recurrence of dandruff also as hair fall from the very first wash. Spending money on this product is worth it because it will completely remove dandruff from your hair along with other hair problems. The price range for this product is Rs.68 to Rs.4592. Get shiny, straight and smooth hair in that affordable price range.

6. Himalaya

Himalaya shampoo

Is lifeless hair making your overall appearance lacklustre? If your answer is yes, then this popular herbal shampoo brand can function your ultimate nirvana. Be it breakage, dandruff, hair fall or dryness, every single hair problem finds its solution with the versatile product range of Himalaya. Essential herbs which enter its formulation also can prevent premature discolouration of hair with consistent usage. Get this product online at a price range of Rs.54 to Rs.899. Websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Amazon, etc., have this product available.  This product is will natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemical that can damage your hair more but rather will make it healthier and shinier.

7. Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus shampoo

Clinic Plus is one of the oldest shampoo producing company. It is now possible to keep off all chances of hair fall with this popular shampoo brand which comes infused with Milk Protein Formula. This advanced formula leaves your hair feeling smooth and powerful from the very first wash. you’ll take your pick amongst its Daily Care variants which may gently clean your scalp or the more specialized ones for treating dandruff and hair fall. This shampoo is quite affordable. It comes at a price range of Rs.70 to Rs.325. Add this to your daily regime and get beautiful hair.

8. Biotique

Biotique shampoo

Specialised shampoos of Biotique also can provide you with colour protection in order that you’ll lock in those vibrant hues for extended. The unique formula of Biotique shampoos aims at eliminating hair problems instead of covering them up temporarily. Its products are available at a price range of Rs.74 to Rs.670 which is completely worth it. Therefore get Ayurveda included in your hair care routine and see how beneficial it is.

9. Patanjali

Patanjali shampoo

Patanjali is available at a price range of Rs.75 to Rs.248.This affordable herbal hair shampoo brand banks on 100% organic products to assist you to cope with all sorts of hair problems which arise thanks to the damaging environmental radicals. Ingenious ingredients like reetha, milk protein, aloe Vera, shikakai, coconut and lots of more help in wrapping your precious strands with the wellness of Mother Nature. the very fact that the Patanjali shampoos accompany a reasonable tag further adds up to its lucrativeness. Get rid of split ends, damaged hairs and get rid of early greying factors.

10. Sunsilk

Sunsilk shampoo

It now becomes possible to scale back hair breakage by optimally nourishing your scalp with the affordable shampoo brand of Sunsilk. you’ll cater to varied issues like hair fall, dandruff and even dry strands by taking your pick amongst its unique formulations. It can bring along visible results from the very first wash in order that you never fail to win accolades together with your crowning glory. Available at a price range of Rs.50 to Rs.640, this is an amazing product for Daily care, Anti-dandruff, Deep conditioning, split ends, dryness, colour protection, hair shine, straightening and smoothening, hair Volumizing, etc.

11. Vatika

Vatika shampoo

Vatika is a very popular herbal shampoo brand that is available in India and used by a good amount of people. This Ayurvedic shampoo has several good and essential herbs that make your hair grow longer makes it strong and healthy. It is manufactured by the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturer Dabur India.

This shampoo is available in three variants. It is available online for all the people who don’t like to use harsh harmful chemical brands on their hair. Dabur has two special shampoos Vatika Anti-dandruff Shampoo and Dabur Almond Shampoo that is effective and helps you get exceptional results on your hair.

These were shampoos that are well known for what they do to hair, in the market.

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